Bowen Training Austria

Of all bodywork modalities, The BOWEN Technique is perhaps one of the gentlest on the practitioner as well as one of the most effective. With its minimalist application of gentle/subtle moves, professional Bowen practitioners can be more effective, with more clients, and even see multiple clients at once. 

Non-professionals  can bring deep relief to friends and family through minimal touch. 

For everyone interested in learning the BOWEN Technique, now is a great time to learn how to apply the simple, gentle touch of BOWEN to help ease pain and promote health. 

You will learn a comprehensive health system that will enable you to aid the recovery from a large range of internal and musculo-skeletal conditions. You will learn procedures that balance the body overall, plus a range of procedures that address specific areas of the body, and still others to use in cases where conditions don't respond readily to the basic procedures.

Every module includes:

  • Demonstration of each procedure, with detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks.
  • Explanation and discussion of the procedures and indications for their use 
  • Detailed notes, with photographs and anatomical diagrams 
  • Extensive supervised hands-on practice, with feedback from the instructor(s)
  • Ample review of procedures taught in previous modules: 
  • Practical and written assessments, with individual feedback, are given in Modules 3 through 6. 

You will also be required to submit written case studies in those modules. 

The BOWEN Technique is taught by experienced registered Instructors. 

On completion of the courses accredited practitioners can register with the Bowen Therapy Academy (BTAA),  and their local country association.

A strict code of ethics applies to all accredited practitioners.

The Bowen  Academy is the original source for the teaching of the original Bowen Technique. It is the pioneering work of the Academy both in Australia and overseas that has seen the spread of Bowen Therapy to over 25 countries worldwide. 

The Bowen Technique is now a globally recognised healing modality. 

Bowtech the Original Bowen Technique - stands on its own.