Equine Muscle Release Therapy™ in the horse world, has been derived from the Original Bowen Technique. This is the only Bowen on horses recognised by the Bowen Academy of Australia. Developed specifically for the Biomechanics of Equines by Horse Expert , Alison Goward,, a Remedial Body Specialist, Teacher & Naturopath from Tiaro, Queensland. Among her many credentials, she is an accredited teacher for the Bowen Academy of Australia (1994-) and Queensland Institute of Natural Science,(1988-2000) Alison was also both a Small Animal & Equine Veterinary Nurse and has worked with vet Dr. Terry McEvoy from the late 1970’s still today. Dr. McEvoy co-wrote the EMRT® & CCmrt® Anatomy and Physiology components ( 180hour courses and has co – taught EMRT® internationally. Much of the research into EMRT® and CCmrt® have been conducted in collaboration from his Veterinary clinics since 1996 -

Equine Muscle Release Therapy has been developed since 1990.

It has been developed from an understanding that horses, like people are subjected to stress and strain from performing athletic tasks asked of them by their owners, (similar to athletes).  If these stresses and strains continue without relief, then there will be a breakdown in the body somewhere.

This breakdown may be physical, as in lactic acid retention, muscles or tendons becoming inflamed, odeaemas, and spasms, resulting in structural problems as the skeleton is pulled out of alignment by the spasming muscles. 

The breakdown can also be of nervous system origin, mental origin or emotional.  All point to the same thing, that the horse is not in balance.

Alison Goward, a human Bowen teacher & practitioner, who has been involved with horses all her life, developed EMRT™ from the understanding that horses, like people, are subject to physical & mental stress 

Ali Goward first adapted the human technique to the physiology & anatomy of the horse in 1990. Alison’s background of school teaching, equine nursing & in the last 12 years of writing, researching & lecturing body therapies for the government accredited Queensland Institute of Natural Sciences in Australia, allowed her the knowledge to develop the work further in the courses that have gained world-wide recognition.

Equus College Teachers are chosen from full time practitioners who have been working for at least 5 years and are willing to complete the highly acclaimed 3 year teacher training program. Only fully trained qualified teachers will be your instructors We expect excellence in our teachers to give excellence to the student who will be assured of the best training for working with the animal


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The Horse Owners’ Course is designed for horse owners & as the first step towards undertaking the Practitioner Level course.

The 2 year practitioner course was introduced in 1997 through Bowtech® & graduates are accredited with the Bowen Academy of Australia through the ECL&R